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Review Betfair: understand how it works + betfair bonus

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website betfair

The online betting market is very vast and significant, but the site Betfair it is certainly one of the biggest highlights among bookmakers.

The company's grandeur is reflected in the number of active betting and gaming customers, as well as the variety of markets available. In addition, the house has an important differential: it works as a betting exchange.

This brings different opportunities and broadens the horizon for bettors, which makes it much more attractive.

In this article, we will tell you a little more about the history and trajectory of the site Betfair up to here, as well as highlighting some important points so that you know in detail how the house works.

If you want to know how to register, the benefits, reliability, payment methods, curiosities and much more, just keep reading this content with us!

How did the Betfair?

The genius of the company known as the biggest sports betting exchange is behind the creation of two shrewd minds: Andrew Black and Edward Wray, the British duo responsible for founding Betfair on June 2000.

With more than 20 years of experience in the world of sports betting, the house has grown exponentially and recorded great highlights as the company that moves the most money in the market over the years. In 2006, for example, approximately 23% of its shares were purchased by Softbank.

In 2012 it gained another highlight, starting to offer fixed odds, those that work in the conventional betting market. Despite all these numbers being highly important in the history of the house, what really makes the gears work are the bettors.

In this regard, the website Betfair also impresses. According to data from Flutter Entertainment, the house already had more than 7 million users in 2019. That's a lot of people, isn't it?

Without a doubt, the house has grown a lot over the years and gained prominence among gamblers, so this review is here to help you get to know the site better. Betfair in practice.

How it works Betfair? Betting features and features

There's nothing better to get to know a bookmaker than being on top of how the company works, right? That's why we couldn't stop talking about the resources and characteristics for betting available on the site. Betfair.

Below you will understand how some resources work that make all the difference in the daily life of a gambler and that certainly contribute to making the Betfair even more attractive to the user.

Mobile app

A Betfair also uses the most varied formats for its bets, thinking of serving all types of bettors around the world. Among them is the mobile app.

The benefits of having the mobile app are several, including being able to receive notifications about events and bets, as well as personalized access via the device.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the Betfair it is only available in the version for Android devices, but soon this may be reformulated in order to expand the user's options.

Meanwhile, bettors who have iOS system devices will have access to the bookmaker's website through their cell phone's browser.

The platform has a screen and structure that is fully adaptable for mobile, making it very comfortable for the users' experience.

Anyway, for those who don't want applications that can saturate the device's memory, access via the browser remains a great option. The website has a very intuitive design and user-friendly layout.

Bet live

A Betfair was the company responsible for spreading and popularizing bets placed in real time during live games. Today, this type of bet is quite common and the Betfair was the pioneer in the market.

This type of game is very comfortable, dynamic and fun, in addition to being able to yield great odds for the bettor. Because of this, it is the favorite type of tip for bettors who can watch the game at the same time they bet, without depending entirely on the subjectivity of statistical data.

To access this type of streaming, you need to register and check the matches and championships offered by the house, as not all of them offer the option of live bets.

If you have available balance, you can start betting on this market. Another detail is that the Betfair offers a kind of radar, responsible for indicating everything that is happening during the soccer match, so that you don't miss any detail.

It is worth mentioning that the live betting market also offers the cash out feature, which is very advantageous for the bettor. We'll explain more about it below, so keep reading with us to find out how this benefit works.

Cash out

During live games, the site Betfair offers the option of “Cash Out”. The feature allows you to close the bet while the match is still in progress and returns the money invested in full or in part.

This is an interesting option and one that may resonate in your favor. Anyone who knows the world of sports betting well knows that during the game everything can change from one moment to the next.

Football is an unpredictable sport and an event can change the entire course of the match, going against any expectation or initial statistic. This can bring losses and make your bet lose in the last moments of the game.

Having the option to cash out a bet before the game is over is a great opportunity to avoid bigger losses. The tip is always to evaluate the best time to use the cash out, as the amounts returned vary according to the odds.

Betfair Exchange

Na Betfair you find two types of bets: Sportsbook and Exchange. The Exchange, also known as an exchange or sports betting exchange, goes beyond conventional betting and allows punters to make predictions against each other.

In practice, the market follows the model of the stock exchange, but instead of stocks, the house presents betting quotes on sporting events, of course.

For market movement to happen, bets are divided between bettors who believe an event will happen and bettors who do not believe in the event happening.

In addition to allowing bettors to create their own odds for events, another great advantage of the site Betfair is that the bookmaker's profit margin is not included in the quote prices, contrary to what happens in conventional bookmakers.

Incidentally, it is exactly this freedom of bettors that allows them to get higher odds on the Exchange, when compared to the conventional market.

odds of Betfair

The big difference of Betfair is that you don't bet against the house, but with other bettors, so the odds also work differently.

Sites that do not work as a betting exchange are simple to understand: the house presents an odd and your guess is based on the number defined by the company. In these cases, the platform's profit is already included in the quotes.

Quote values ​​are set a little below what they are really worth, so the profit margin is guaranteed for the house. By doing this, the objective is to avoid major losses for the company.

In the case of Betfair, the odds do not have any profit margin built into the values, so they are usually higher. Contrary to what happens at conventional bookmakers, the Exchange only charges a commission on winnings.

How it works Betfair Exchange, the betting exchange?

how does it work betfair exchange

As we have already mentioned here, Exchange is the sports betting exchange, which allows users to stay betting against others.

Na Betfair Exchange, it is necessary for someone to match your bet for it to become valid, this way the market works on the system of Back and Lay. For example, if you want to bet in favor of team A winning, you need another player to bet against team A winning.

In practice, the odds are set by the players. Therefore, those who pay the winning bets are the losing bets.

When accessing the site, you will find two main columns: the blue column represents Back bets, in favor of an outcome, while the pink column represents Lay bets, against an outcome. These are the available odds for the bet.

In these columns, you can check the available odds for each market and also a value described below the quotes. This is the maximum match value.

That is, imagine that this number below the odd you want to bet on is R$500. This means that your bet cannot be higher than this amount.

Access to Betfair Exchange is very simple, see the steps you need to follow:

  • If you don't have a registered account yet, create your own. The process is very quick and practical, and we will talk more about it in this content;
  • If you have already registered on the site Betfair, choose the “Exchange” option, located at the top of the main page;
  • On the Exchange page, you will have access to all events available for betting and you can choose the match you want to make your prediction on;
  • With this, just select the desired odd and enter the bet amount. Ready! Now just wait for the result.

The movement of the market follows the movement of bettors, the role of Betfair it's just intermediating the games and keeping the money invested by users until the bet is finalized.

Modalities available on the betting exchange

Different from what many people think, sports trading at Betfair offers more alternatives in addition to football and tennis options, for example. These may be the best known markets, but it is possible to bet on a number of different sports at the house.

In addition to having a beautiful history, with years in the market and, consequently, a latent experience, Betfair it allows several game modes that can, in addition to having fun, allow an extraordinary gain if you know the betting techniques, especially in live streaming games.

Check out some of the sports available on the betting exchange Betfair:

Furthermore, the logistics of Betfair is keeping an eye on other alternatives and possibilities, such as Big Brother Brasil, which in 2020 became a game for betting on who would come out as the winner.

Accompanying the events of the moment, the house brings bets on the Winter Games, held in early 2022.

And if you think it stops there, you are very wrong, because you can also bet on politics, choosing your favorite candidates to win an election, for example. In the 2020 edition, this market exceeded expectations, reaching a mark of R$2 billion matched.

betting promotions on Betfair

Far beyond the attractive odds, the site Betfair it is also well known for the benefits available to its users, such as promotions and offers for specific occasions or events.

The house has weekly bonuses for users and an exclusive offer for the first deposit made by the bettor, the so-called welcome bonus, which has already become a classic among bookmakers.

In the case of Betfair, this initial bonus can reach R$200! Check below how it works and how to guarantee your welcome bonus on the site Betfair:

BRL 200 Bonus with the code “SHAFT”

We can list numerous benefits of betting at a renowned bookmaker such as Betfair. Among them, we cannot fail to mention the promotions offered by the platform, such as the welcome bonus offered by Betfair.

In it, you guarantee a 100% bonus referring to the amount initially deposited by you. Yes, you earn the equivalent of what you deposited, but it is worth noting that the bonus is limited to a maximum amount of R$200.

That is, if you deposit BRL 50, you will receive an additional BRL 50 bonus and you will have a total balance of BRL 100 available for your bets.

If you make an initial deposit of R$250, you will receive the bonus limit: R$200, for a total balance of R$450.

To claim the welcome bonus you must follow a few simple steps:

  • First, you must create an account. We will explain how registration works in more detail later in this article;
  • Then you must enter the bonus code “SHAFT”;
  • After that, click on “make deposit” and make your initial deposit, with limits between R$20 and R$200. By performing this last step, you automatically guarantee a bonus of R$200.

A 3x rollover is required to release the bonus. In case of Betfair Exchange, the bonus works a little differently: here, the bonus is actually a cashback.

This means your bet needs to be lost for the bonus to clear. It works like this: you have up to 30 days to place a bet of at least R$10 and you can win up to R$200 if that bet is lost.

Visits to Betfair and redeem R$200 with the code “SHAFT”

How to register in Betfair?

In view of the various advantages of Betfair as a sports scholarship, you may be wondering now how it works to register on the site.

That's why we've prepared this step-by-step guide so you can understand how registration works and the main points to pay attention to during the process. First, it is worth mentioning that the platform only allows registrations of people from 18 years old.

Now let's go step by step:

  • Access the website Betfair and click on “Open account”, a black box located in the upper right corner of the site;
  • Then, a screen will open with fields to fill in some personal data, such as first and last name, date of birth, e-mail, country and the currency you want to use in your payments and bets;
  • The site also asks for copies of documents to be sent to verify that the data is correct.
    Another possibility is the verification of the data through the online chat, through a live video call so that you can send the documents over the internet. In that case, they will have to be scanned in JPG, GIF or PDF format.
  • Done, your registration on the site Betfair it's done! Remember to make the initial deposit to guarantee receiving the bonus.

How deposits and withdrawals work Betfair?

It is important to understand how payment methods and withdrawals work on Betfair, as this will be part of your day to day as a gambler. Below we explain a little more about the two processes, stay tuned for reading!

Deposits on Betfair

After completing your registration, the next step is to make your first deposit in order to start playing. If you used the welcome bonus code that we shared above, now is the time to receive it.

The deposit may seem like a complicated step, but the Betfair It makes working with different payment methods much easier. Check the available options:

  • Ticket;
  • Bank transfers;
  • AstroPay Card, a virtual card;
  • PIX;
  • digital wallets;
  • Electronic credit wallets.

Digital wallets have been successful among bettors, due to the practicality and benefits provided, such as saving balances and transferring them directly to the betting site.

Once you have chosen your deposit method, you must enter your profile on Betfair and click on “deposit” in the upper right corner of the screen.

Then click on “alternative methods”, select the chosen option and enter your data to proceed with the process.

Remember to check the compensation time for the chosen method, as they are different for each payment method. Boleto, for example, takes up to 3 business days to offset the balance.

Withdrawals on Betfair

In addition to the fun offered through the emotions of the betting games, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated moments by bettors on the sports exchange is the time to withdraw the profits obtained.

You shouldn't worry about this point either, as the process is very simple. After accessing the website Betfair, click on “cash out” on the panel and withdraw by the same means chosen for deposit.

The exception is only for the bank slip, in which you must select another form of receipt.

Another important point is that there are minimum bet amounts and they vary according to the payment method you choose. This minimum amount is usually between R$20 and R$60.

There are PIX on Betfair?

Yes! There are PIX on Betfair! To use it as a payment method, it's very simple:

  • just login to your account Betfair (or register, if you haven't already);
  • select the option “make a deposit” and choose “PIX” as a payment method;
  • fill in your information, such as CPF, and choose the amount you want to deposit;
  • when finished, click on “deposit”;
  • the QR Code for payment will appear on the screen, and you can either use it to pay with another device, or choose “copy QR code” and paste it into your bank application;
  • do the operation normally in your bank application and that's it! Your deposit at Betfair will be completed. 

This new payment option makes life much easier for gamblers, as the amounts are immediately credited and making the transfer is simple.

How long does it take for the Pix to fall into Betfair?

Although deposits via PIX are usually immediate, the amount may only be available in your account Betfair a few hours later, or in rare cases, up to 5 business days - in the latter option, the system may consider the PIX as a traditional transfer, so it takes longer.

After all, it's worth betting on Betfair?

The site Betfair it has numerous benefits for bettors, but also some disadvantages. It is necessary to know both sides of the coin to know the best way to work with the bookmaker and get good profits.

For this, we have gathered here the main positive points and also the negative points of the site and we will now present them to you. Check below the pros and cons of Betfair:


As we have already mentioned in this article, the great differential of Betfair is the possibility of choosing to bet on the conventional market or on the Exchange, the sports betting exchange.

This opportunity provides several benefits for bettors, such as access to much more profitable odds without built-in commissions (remembering that commissions are charged only on winnings).

It is a great option for bettors who have already advanced in the market and want to seek new challenges, exploring new types of bets.

Another advantage is the option to create your own odds and play against other bettors, which guarantees a more dynamic movement in the market.

In addition, the house is one of the most renowned and recognized in the market, with excellent user support, a variety of bets, an Android application and several payment methods to facilitate the deposit.

Live betting is also featured in the company, as well as the cash out feature, which helps reduce losses.


Despite having the app for Android, the app is not available for the iOS system. Users of these devices must access the website through their browser if they wish to use the platform.

However, it is worth remembering that the site is fully responsive, which means that the pages are adapted for access via mobile and thus “fits” the cell phone screen so that the user has a comfortable experience.

Another negative point of the bookmaker is that the structure of the site is a little less intuitive than other betting platforms. This happens because the Betfair it's an Exchange and not just a conventional house, so it may seem a little more complex for some bettors.

Therefore, the site is usually recommended for more experienced bettors, who already have some knowledge of the markets and types of bets available.

bet on Betfair, it's trustable?

Definitely yes! THE Betfair It is one of best betting sites, with an excellent reputation around the world, it is no wonder that it is recognized as the largest sports betting exchange on the market.

Much of this is due to the fact that it is an Exchange that offers higher odds and charges very low commissions from its traders. In addition, it sponsors and partners with clubs and tournaments.

It is more than normal that sometimes people feel fearful about the reliability of something involving money, and because of that you may still be wondering if the site Betfair it's really reliable.

We are here to show you why you can register and place your bets in peace on the home platform.

In addition to all the benefits already mentioned throughout this content, another exceptional detail that demonstrates the high level of confidence of Betfair and yours A rating at SBR (Sportsbook Review), the leading authority on the legitimacy of a bookmaker.

Another important reason that can attest to the seriousness of this sports exchange is that its headquarters are in the United Kingdom, one of the strictest countries in the bookmaker's inspection system.

With this theme in mind, we can gather these particularities in a list, which can show you more clearly why the Betfair is one of the most trusted companies within this field. Are they:

  • high worldwide reputation
  • renowned partnerships
  • Transparency in fees
  • Guaranteed security, including certifications recognized as the highest security standards. One of these certificates is the ISO27001, essential to ensure smooth transactions regarding the movement of money and personal data.

To ensure that all processes are carried out legally and with a focus on user safety, external audits are carried out annually to verify a general analysis of the house.

Furthermore, currently the Betfair it has other big names working together with it, such as Paddy Power and Pokerstars, both headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and shares listed on the London Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange.

And if you think it stops there, you are very wrong, because in addition to these great brands, Betfair it also sponsors important events, investing heavily in advertising and publicity through major clubs and competitions.

A strong example of this is that currently the Betfair partnered with the South American Football Confederation, Conmebol, sponsoring the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana.

A Betfair he was also responsible for “debuting” the partnerships between the sports scholarship and the club. In 2002, it entered into a partnership with Fulham in England, the beginning of a team that today already has big names such as Arsenal, Barcelona, ​​Juventus and the most current achievement: official partnership with Real Madrid.

All this demonstrates the recognition of the house within the market. All this without counting the number of users, which is growing more and more.

register at Betfair and get $200 Bonus

Common questions

Still have questions about the site Betfair? Don't worry, this article isn't over yet!

It is normal for questions to arise, especially in relation to a site that offers a different type of market, such as Betfair Exchange.

With that in mind, we have separated some of the most frequently asked questions about the bookmaker and we will answer them below, stay tuned to clarify your questions.

What is Betfair Exchange?

betfair exchange

the exchange of Betfair is your Betting Exchange. It is the space where guesses are not made against the bookmaker itself, but between players, who have the opportunity to create their own odds and move the market.

It is in this section that you practice Sports Trading, being able to profit from variations in the odds of events. Remembering that these variations happen according to the bets of the players themselves.

In this format, you can open and close trades as many times as you want in the middle of a football match, for example. The big advantage is exactly that detail that can lead you to win and profit without depending on the final result.

In the Exchange space, the house acts only as an intermediary between the bettors and holds the money until the bets are closed.

What is Betfair Sportsbook?

A Betfair Sportsbook is the traditional betting section of Betfair. Yes, the company not only acts as a betting exchange, but also offers the conventional market, the one in which the house presents the odds and guesses are made based on these quotations.

This part of the site is a good option for beginner bettors, and it is also a section for those who don't want to do Trading or who prefer to bet in a recreational and simpler way.

It is in this betting section that you can find weekly bonuses, as long as you meet the rollover determined by the house – which is quite simple, see? Check the rollover operating rules on the website and remember to pay attention to the offers made available by the house.

Each promotion will work in a different way and have different requirements, so it's always important to keep an eye out so you don't miss any opportunity.

What are the points Betfair?

When you trade on Betfair Exchange, earn points for your account, regardless of whether you win or lose on your bets. These points can be used to decrease commissions paid to Betfair!

As in Exchange bets, you do not play against the house and have access to odds made by you or other players, no profit margin value is included in the price of quotes, contrary to what happens in the conventional betting market.

But, the bookmaker also needs to make a profit, right? After all, it is a company. For this, the Betfair charges commissions from bettors who choose the Exchange market.

These commissions are only charged on earnings and you can reduce them according to the Points Betfair accumulated over bets.

Because of all this structure presented throughout this content, the site Betfair is highly recommended and, compared to other bookmakers, it stands out, which is why it is considered the largest sports exchange in the world.

Now that you know the Betfair, you know how Sportsbook and the Exchange work, you checked the negative and positive points of the house, you could see the size and strength of the company in the market, right?

The popularity of Betfair it was not conquered by chance and the house certainly has several benefits for bettors, ranging from a generous welcome bonus to varied markets to bet on.

In addition, we cannot fail to highlight the opportunity to broaden your horizons as a bettor in the Exchange universe, which allows you to explore new forms of betting and deepen your experience in the market.

It is worth remembering that the house still offers the conventional market, so it is also a great option for bettors who are starting now and serves this audience very well.

Regardless of the type of market, sport or bet you want, take advantage of our tips to register on the site and have fun discovering more about the Betfair in practice!

Don't forget to keep an eye on us Shaftscore updated predictions to get much more accurate analysis for your predictions, as well as exclusive tips shared by professional bettors.

As for Betfair pay?

A Betfair works with sports traders, who receive a commission amount for each bet won by the user. 

Na Betfair Brazil, the commission has an initial value of 6,5% of the profit of the matches. Lost matches, which result in a loss, do not have commissions. 

To increase your profits, you depend on your points in the Betfair — the more points, the more profits. 

You can find your number of points on the platform in the “Promotions and Rewards” area, followed by “Points Betfair".


Did you realize how worth knowing and taking advantage of all the bonuses of Betfair Brazil? The platform has several attractive advantages and promotions for bettors. 

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